About me

Essence and Sculpture

I’m a visual artist and olfactory designer, connecting the ephemeral with the solid. As a modern-day alchemist, melding sense of sight and smell, my aim is to dissolve the imaginary boundaries between the material and the immaterial world and intimately unite them.

I create sculptures, from small scale to larger public art projects, and compose original bespoke natural fragrances for use in (semi-) public spaces.

‘Essence and Sculpture’ is a pioneering connection between the visual and the olfactory design of a space. It integrates the ephemeral and volatile world of scent into the more firm and solid world of 3 dimensional sculpture.

Maurice Joosten was born in Haarlem, Netherlands in 1962. He studied in Amsterdam at the Academy of Fine Arts and completed a research-fellowship/artist in residency at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam. He has been working as a professional visual artist since 1988. He moved to Torino, Italy in 1997. In this period, he also developed his yoga practice and deeply went into the subject of non-duality.

After completing a public art project for Panasonic in Tokyo in 2003, he moved to Japan, where in the following years he realised several more public art projects throughout the country. From 2007-2012 he taught contemplative yoga and body awareness classes at several locations in Japan.

Since 2006 Joosten has ventured into the olfactory realm exploring the connection and synergy between the visual and the olfactory design of a space. He has worked as an olfactory designer for @aroma Co.,Ltd. in Tokyo and Berlin for numerous clients worldwide.

He has designed natural fragrances for use in public spaces of exclusive hotels, premium car brands, architects and interior designers, as well as creating natural perfumes for luxury life-style retail brands. From 2013 he works and lives in Berlin.